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Metro Maids provide professional cleaning services to homes and offices all over the Greater Boston area. Originally founded and currently operated by New England local Scott Shelton, Metro Maids is a cleaning agency that prefers to keep things personal and local. Rather than branching out or franchising their cleaning services, Metro Maids have made a commitment improving the quality of life of everyone in the city of Boston. Whether it’s through their exceptional standards of professional cleaning or donating money to Hunger America to help feed the hungry families of Boston, Metro Maids strives to be a company with a social conscience, making positive impacts in the personal lives of their customers and the residents of Boston.

Metro Maids Cleaning Services

Metro Maids provides quality and professional cleaning services to every room in your house. All floors are mopped or vacuumed, all general areas and surfaced are cleaned and dusted, and trash is emptied from all rooms. In regards to cleaning in specific rooms:

  • Kitchens: wiping and cleaning of sinks, counters, cabinets, walls, fixtures, stovetops and appliances such as fridges or microwaves. Dishes are washed, either by dishwasher or by hand, and put away.
  • Bathrooms: wiping and cleaning of toilets, showers, sinks, mirrors, tiles, cabinets, fixtures and walls.
  • Bedrooms: all beds are made, and can be done with fresh linen if left available for the maids.

There are also extra cleaning services, such as interior windows and interiors of appliances, which can be booked for an additional cost. Metro Maids are also able to provide very specific cleaning needs, such as cleaning for open houses, special events, move-in and move-out cleaning, common area cleaning in apartment buildings and cleaning for rental vacation homes. Pricing for these types of cleaning is all done on a case-by-case basis.


Unlike many of their competitors, who offer hourly rates and can include hidden extra charges, Metro Maids offer a flat rate on all of their cleaning services:
The 1 Bedroom package includes cleaning of all living areas and kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom for $129.00.

  • The 2 Bedroom package is similar, but includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms for $159.00.
  • The 3 Bedroom package for $179.00.
  • The 4 Bedroom package for $209.00.
  • The 5 Bedroom package for $229.00.
  • The 6 Bedroom package for $259.00.

Booking and Payment

Scheduling appointments and paying for all Metro Maids cleaning services is done completely online. Multiple appointments can be made in one easy step through the online booking and the secure online payment system accepts all major credit cards. All you need to do is simply select which cleaning package you require, select any extras (if necessary), fill out your basic details, select a time, and then your appointment is booked!

What Makes Metro Maids Special?

In the spirit of keeping things local and improving the overall living standards and welfare in the city of Boston, Metro Maids donates a portion of every booking made to charities that help feed low-income families and individuals. Feeding America is the largest charity that provides to hunger relief within the United States, feeding more than 25 million Americans every year, and The Greater Boston Food Bank is a member of Feeding America. Through these charities, with every booking Metro Maids is making a consistent effort to supply food to the hungry and to make Boston a better place to live for everybody.

Is Metro Maids Right For Me?

Cleaning services by Metro Maids are only available for residents and businesses within the Great Boston area. For people within that area they are a great choice given their charity efforts to improve the lives of the locals. Metro Maids also offers a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee on all their cleaning services. If there are any problems or issues with your service, Metro Maids will return to your home to remedy the situation free of charge. If the issue is still not solved after they pay you another visit, your money will be completely refunded.

Metro Maids: The Bottom Line

In addition to professional cleaning services for your home, Metro Maids offer cleaning services for a variety of occasions, always ensuring their high quality standards. Combined with their charity initiatives to help alleviate hunger in the low-income population of Boston, Metro Maids make the perfect cleaning service for Boston residents to who want to make their city, as well as their homes, a better place for everyone.

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Metro Maids Reviews

  1. I’ve always been happy with the standard of cleaning I’ve received from Metro Maids. I prefer the hourly flat rate because the maids will always clean until the jobs done, not just until the hours up. For a local business they run a tight ship and have great service.

  2. The donations to the Boston Food Bank are a nice touch, knowing that I’m supporting both local business and local charities with each booking. I don’t really need my house cleaned too regularly, but when I do my first choice will always be Metro Maids (though they were late once).

  3. I’ve never needed cleaning in my apartment but Metro Maids cleans the lobby and hallways in my building. I’m never around when they’re doing it, but it always looks great so I can’t really complain!

  4. It’s great that Metro Maids have their 200% guarantee, but I’ve never needed it, not even once! The ladies that come and clean my 2 bedroom apartment leave it spotless every single time. Fantastic service from a great local business!

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