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MaidPro provides home cleaning services that are professional yet also highly personalized. The company first began in Boston in 1991, when founder Mark Kushinsky was struggling to find a quality maid service that delivered impressive cleaning results – and one that didn’t accidently lock his cat in the bathroom before they left! Since then, MaidPro has expanded to over 150 locations in North America, cleaning the homes of thousands of regular customers throughout Canada and the United States.
MaidPro Cleaning Services
MaidPro cleaners follow a detailed 49-point checklist to ensure that absolutely nothing is missed when cleaning your home, whether they’re cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, stairways or any other living area. The comprehensive list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning, wiping and dusting all furniture, baseboards, windowsills, picture frames, cabinet exteriors and mirrors
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping all floor surfaces
  • Emptying trash from all rooms
  • Kitchen countertops cleaned and disinfected
  • All appliance exteriors cleaned and sinks scrubbed (upon request, interiors can be cleaned and dishes can also be washed)
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting of toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks in all bathrooms
  • All beds made, with fresh linens if requested

To ensure you’re always provided with quality cleaning, MaidPro also offer a Re-Clean Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, just let them know within 24 hours and they will come back and re-clean your home at no additional cost.

Is MaidPro Right For Me?

MaidPro is the perfect choice in cleaning services if you have very specific needs or requirements when it comes to cleaning your home. MaidPro understands that every household has different cleaning needs. Not all rooms were created equally, and some require a lot more attention than others when it comes to cleaning. MaidPro recognizes this with their option for you to choose Priority Clean, where you can select specific rooms and direct the focus of your cleaning service. This option ensures you are getting only the cleaning services that you actually want, and aren’t paying for any extra cleaning that you don’t really need.

Pricing and Booking

MaidPro maintains the promise that their cleaning prices will always be affordable, and you’ll never be paying for what you don’t need. MaidPro is happy to assess your personal circumstances and the cleaning needs of your home, and then create a price plan that fits your budget. Whether you’re requesting some extra cleaning such as the inside of your kitchen appliances, or focusing your services with a Priority Clean, MaidPro will do their best to match your cleaning needs with your cleaning budget.
To make an appointment, either give MaidPro a call or go directly to their website, provide them with the details about your home, what you need cleaned and what you don’t, and they’ll be able to provide you with a quote immediately. From there you can book your appointment, or even create a biweekly, weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. Payment method is also completely up to you when booking through MaidPro: you can provide credit card details (Visa or MasterCard) at the time of booking or pay cash directly to your cleaner at the time of each service.

What Makes MaidPro Special?

MaidPro also has a strong commitment to being a green company. This means not just using ‘green’ cleaning products sourced from environmentally sustainable producers, but also doing everything they can do lower their carbon emissions, such as reducing the distance driven by each company vehicle to minimize their use of gas and fossil fuels. MaidPro ensures that all the products they use are effective cleaning agents and are as environmentally friendly as possible, and the company is very self-aware in their attempt to be ‘green’, with a comprehensive self-rating system that is available for viewing on their website. When you book your regular cleaning with MaidPro, you can have peace of mind in knowing they are providing the best possible care to the environment as well as your home.

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MaidPro: The Bottom Line

MaidPro is a cleaning service that is dedicated to giving you the perfect result with each clean by asking you exactly what you need and want, and personalizing their service accordingly. The costs and prices depend directly on which services you do or don’t want, which means there is always a home cleaning solution that is within your budget. This also means that when you choose MaidPro, you’re only ever paying for the cleaning that you require and that you receive, letting you be totally in control.

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  1. I couldn’t be happier with the cleaning I get from MaidPro. They know exactly what I want done, so I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth with the Priority Clean. They’re in and out of there in no time and my house looks great. I’ll always keep using MaidPro.

  2. I prefer not to use my credit cards online, so I love that MaidPro has the option to pay in cash. I’m always at home during my cleaning appointments, and the cleaners are always so friendly. I live alone so I usually only require cleaning in a handful of rooms in my house, but they’re always very attentive to the specified Priority Clean. Just friendly, reliable service.

  3. I have a pretty irregular work schedule, so I’m usually not home when MaidPro is there. But that doesn’t mean I don’t notice them – the apartment is always spotless whenever I return! They’re like little cleaning fairies that fly in to save the place when I’m not around. It gives me a bit of peace of mind, and I can always trust MaidPro to give my place a thorough cleaning.

  4. They clean what I want, when I want, and they’ve got all my details so booking with MaidPro is so simple it’s sometimes hard to believe! I’ve rarely had any problems with the cleaning service, and whenever I have they’re always been quick to fix it.

  5. Only once have I needed them to come back for a re-clean with when the bathrooms just weren’t up to scratch. But I’ve stuck with them, I just don’t have time to clean and the 49-point checklist perfectly meets the needs for our home, and I now know they definitely deliver on their guarantee.

  6. DON’T do it.

    It took two people 45 minutes to wash half my dishes and clean my stove. Yes, they were dirty. That’s why I hired Maid “Pro”. But 1.5 man-hours for that? And then they left because they found some mouse droppings. They got $50 for this “service”. And they didn’t have any trash bags or dish soap. Left a bag of trash on the floor when they left.

    Do yourself a favor. Find someone – anyone – else.

  7. They did a good job a couple of times but the last few times have been lousy. The beds weren’t made, even though they were stripped and clean sheets left on them; they had to come back one time because the cleaning was subpar; a $300 wireless speaker was missing after one visit but they refused to take responsibility because I didn’t notice it immediately so “anyone could have taken it” even though they were the only ones with access; and the last visit they didn’t even clean the bathroom floor. I would never recommend them.

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