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About Homejoy

Homejoy provide cleaning services for your home that are both professional and affordable. The company was founded by the sister and brother duo Adora and Aaron Cheung, as an idea that was sparked when the pair was struggling to find an affordable cleaning service for their own home in Mountain View, CA. From the company’s inception in 2012, it has expanded to a headquarters in San Francisco and now provides cleaning services in over 30 cities in the United States and Canada, as well as branching out to the UK, Germany and France. Their mission statement is simple: “to make homes happier” by taking care of the housework and allowing their customers to get back to doing the things that really bring them joy.

Homejoy Cleaning Services

Homejoy has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means if you’re not totally happy with the quality of the cleaning services, they’ll come back and re-clean your home again completely free of charge. For all rooms the Standard Clean product involves:

  • Wiping and dusting of furniture, reachable surfaces, and baseboards
  • Mopping and vacuuming of floors
  • Cleaning of all reachable vents
  • Emptying trash

In bedrooms, beds are made and clothes are also folded and put away.
In bathrooms, toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks and faucets are all wiped and cleaned, as well as mirrors and the exterior of cabinets.
In the kitchen, dishes are washed and the sink, faucet and splashback are all cleaned, as well as the exterior of cabinets and the interior and exterior of the microwave.

Additional Services and Exclusions

Homejoy also has a selection of extra tasks they can perform at your request, including laundry, cleaning inside fridges, ovens and cabinets, and cleaning interior walls and/or windows. Due to insurance liability and other safety concerns, there are also some services that Homejoy are unable to provide, such as heavy lifting (anything weighing more than 25lbs), steam cleaning or deep stain removal, outdoor/exterior cleaning and dealing with bio hazardous materials.


Before booking an appointment with Homejoy, you’ll be asked a few quick questions about your home and the cleaning services you require. Based on your answers, Homejoy will provide you with a time and cost estimate for cleaning your home as you have described it. The actual cost of the cleaning will be more accurately assessed and finalised when the cleaner arrives at your home. The Standard Clean services are provided pro rata at $25.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours service. Homejoy can provide cleaning supplies at an additional cost, or customer can opt to supply their own. Booking and payment is done complete online, and Homejoy only accepts credit card payments.

What Makes Homejoy Special?

When you book cleaning services with Homejoy, you’re not just ensuring a sparkling clean home for yourself, but also contributing towards funding for public education in low-income areas in the San Francisco/Bay area. Following the success of the company they created, Adora and Aaron Cheung felt it was important to give back to the community, and in 2013, the Homejoy Foundation was created. The foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with Homejoy to assist in funding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programs for K-12 students in low-income families. The Homejoy Foundation is another exemplar of the company’s social conscience, and a booking with Homejoy is also lending a helping hand to the disadvantaged youth of America.

Is Homejoy Right For Me?

The belief on which Homejoy was founded is that we need to make time for the things that make us happy and bring us joy. Homejoy aims to help people find that time by taking care of tedious tasks such as cleaning. If you’ve been feeling weighed down with housework, then the professional services of the Homejoy cleaners can lift that weight off your shoulders and allow you enjoy your life. Homejoy is also a great choice if you want to ensure that a portion of what you pay for your cleaning services if going towards a good cause, and helping educate the disadvantaged children.

Homejoy Videos

Homejoy: The Bottom Line

Homejoy was conceived and created from the Cheung siblings’ desire for more affordable, quality home cleaning services, and they have ensured that their prices have remained affordable throughout the company’s escalating success. As a company that focuses solely to home cleaning, as well as the charitable endeavors of the Homejoy Foundation, Homejoy has developed their services into the Standard Clean product, ensuring that you receive their professional standard of cleaning with each and every service.

Homejoy Reviews

  1. The booking process is simple, the cleaning is efficient, and it just makes my life easier. They’re great with my dogs too, something that other cleaning services haven’t been able to handle. Homejoy just seems to work very well for me, so I stick with them.

  2. I’ve almost always been really impressed with the quality of cleaning I’ve received from Homejoy, it’s such a good price so it’s great value. Most of the time they don’t miss a spot and I come home form work to a fresh house that looks as good as new.

  3. Most of the time I clean my home myself, but when I just don’t have the time, Homejoy is one of the services I can count on to clean things up to my standard. They’re happy to use all my cleaning products. Great option for when the house needs a good, hard clean but I simply don’t have the time.

  4. As a teacher, I couldn’t pass by Homejoy when I discovered their charity donations and the Homejoy Foundation. My home is sparkling clean every single time, and I love knowing that part of each cleaning session is helping to fund public education. Cleaners are usually on time and always friendly, and I am very satisfied with their service.

  5. Have been a loyal customer since 2013, seems like there is no longer any structure or management. My last 3 appointments have been either cancelled or not shown. You can not get a real person on the phone. I can never get my preferred cleaner anymore. What happened to this company? I have changed to a reliable and managed company.

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