Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with cash?

To make things easier and more streamlined, most cleaning services that take online bookings also only accept online payments via credit card. Some only accept payments from major credit card companies, so be sure to check individual polices before booking. Some select services also accept cash but it is not as common.

Do I have to tip my cleaner?

The online payment methods are generally designed to eliminate the need for physical cash transfers. Some services include tip in their overall prices, while others allow you to add it to your bill after the cleaning has taken place.

Do cleaners have to clean the whole house?

A full clean is included in the cost of many services, but all companies will respect your privacy and refrain from entering or cleaning any specified areas. Some services may tailor service prices specifically to what work is being performed.

Do I have to be at home while the cleaning takes place?

You can certainly be at home, but it’s not necessary. Some regular service provided ask for a copy of your home key for secure keeping, and most are happy to follow alternative arrangements or instructions to ensure your home can still be cleaned while you’re gone.

What if the cleaners break something?

All reputable cleaning agencies should have General Insurance to cover property damage, personal liability and theft, though levels of coverage will vary between each one. Be aware that independently sourced cleaners will usually not have this kind of insurance so it is best to check the details of each provider.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?

All professional cleaning companies are able to provide their own cleaning supplies, but some of them do charge an extra fee, so be sure to double-check their policies. Of course, you are free to provide your own supplies for the cleaners to use, if you desire.

Can I make multiple appointments?

Absolutely! All of these cleaning companies would love to make you a returning customer, and can easily set up a schedule for multiple or regular cleaning appointments. Some companies even offer loyalty reward programs or discounted prices for bulk booking and payment of cleaning services.

Can I cancel an appointment?

Should something come up and you need to cancel an appointment, you should contact the cleaning service as soon as possible. Most of them can easily refund or reschedule as long as you call and let them know 24 hours in advance, otherwise you may face a cancellation fee.

What if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning?

To ensure you’re always pleased with the job they do, most cleaning companies have a satisfaction guarantee of some description, whether it involves coming back to re-clean at no extra cost or simply refunding your money. If you’re dissatisfied, let them know and they’ll do their best to fix it.

Will my pets be a problem during the cleaning?

Cleaning companies are more than happy to clean pet friendly houses, but you should give them prior warning when making your booking. However, most services do not handle bio hazardous waste and cannot clean up any waste left by animals.