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Care.com offers users access to largest online network for providing care services in the world. Founded in the United States in 2007, Care.com has since grown to consist of over 13.3 million members in 16 countries across North America, northern Europe and Scandinavia. Care.com operates as a kind of professional network for both clients and service providers: people who require care and assistance, and professional caregivers in a variety of fields. Individual needs and qualifications are analyzed and Care.com helps connect potential matches, and then providers can apply for jobs and customers can select appropriate caregivers.

Care.com Cleaning Services

Care.com does not directly provide cleaning services, but instead serves as a directory for customers to access a wide variety of different caregivers. All the services offered through Care.com can be broken down into 4 major categories, and cleaning services can be found in the Housekeepers section, which is located in the major category Home Care. As providers contacted through Care.com will offer their own particular range of services, it is difficult to compile a definitive list of available services. However, given the broad range and scope of the Care.com network, containing individual and independent cleaners as well as agencies and companies, it is highly likely that there will be cleaning services that are a match with whatever cleaning assistance you may require.

What Makes Care.com Special?

Rather than having a direct focus on cleaning, Care.com is a network of people searching for, and providing, all kinds of care. There are four major categories, which are all highly focused to ensure each client receives specific and appropriate care.

  • Home Care is where cleaning services and housekeepers can be located, along with other more general home based care services such as house sitters and helpers for running errands and assisting during events.
  • Child Care covers both in home and out of home care, ranging from babysitters, nannies and au pairs, to day care centers and youth camps for longer time periods, as well as focused care such as special needs assistance and tutoring.
  • Adult and Senior Care covers a range of services to assist elderly persons, from running errands, transportation and light housekeeping to more personal care such as bathing, dressing, mobility assistance and medication reminders. Also includes care for Dementia & Alzheimer’s sufferers such as companionship, mental stimulation and 24-hour care.
  • Pet care involves a range of services for pet owners such as dog walking, training and grooming, as well as care options such as boarding or pet sitting.

Is Care.com Right For Me?

Care.com is a particularly preferable service if you’re looking to book a regular cleaning service and want to employ somebody that you find trustworthy, because you are given the option to personally select who will be coming to your home. Once you sign up with Care.com, you must list the job via a posting in the system so that potential cleaners can be matched with you, find you and apply for the position. Once you have found potential matches, you can review profiles, conduct interviews and request background checks of all possible service providers. The process may take more time than agencies with 60 second sign-up and booking features, but Care.com allows you to make a detailed and informed decision about who will be providing you care, whether they’re cleaning services or otherwise.

Booking and Pricing

Care.com are so confident in the success of their network that they guarantee caregivers will contact you within 3 days of posting your job. When you book your services through Care.com, payment is simple and easy through their Payment Center. Since Care.com acts as an intermediary between care seekers and caregivers, there is no standardized pricing, and the cost of each particular service provider should be assessed individually.

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Care.com: The Bottom Line

When you create a profile with Care.com, you’re providing yourself with access to the biggest network of care services in the world, with a huge range of both independent service providers and companies and agencies. You are ensured a completely personal experience by remaining completely in control of the people who come to your house to work for you and exactly which services they provide. Care.com also has the advantage of providing a board range of care services, so if you also require care other than cleaning services, it allows you to pay all your caregivers in one simple location. Care.com is a great way to completely personalize your home care and cleaning experience.

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Care.com Reviews

  1. I think care.com might be one of the best cleaning services in the US.

  2. I mostly use Care.com to find babysitters in my area, but on a couple of occasions I’ve hired cleaners when they house has been a bit of a mess. They’re all independent so there’s no definite standard, some have been better than others. They’ve all been nice and friendly though, and the system is convenient so I’d use Care.com for cleaners again.

  3. I don’t know where I’d be without Care.com! My mother was adamant about not going to a nursing home, but I don’t always have the time to look after her as well as clean her whole house. With Care.com I know I can give her the professional care she needs as well as thorough cleaning, so she can enjoy enjoy the comforts of living in her own home. We use a regular carer and she is a total gem, my mother actually looks forward to her visits!

  4. I can book someone to clean my house and take my dogs for a walk and a play in the park all at the same time. Never had a problem with the service.

  5. I like that I was able to personally select my cleaner with Care.com. I have a lot of rare and valuable objects in my home, so I wanted to hire a cleaner I knew I could trust. I was able to find a cleaner I felt comfortable with, and booking and paying with Care.com is so simple, it’s a breeze.

  6. I really like it

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