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What is Help Pilot?

Help Pilot is a website that helps you compare and review the huge variety of professional cleaning services that is currently on the market. There are a number of things to consider when choosing which cleaning service to use, and Help Pilot is here to make sure you ask the right questions to select the best professional cleaning service for you.

Feel free to post your own reviews and rate your cleaning service provider. We will always keep you updated with news and information about cleaning services such as Care.com, Handy, Homejoy, MaidPro and Metro Maids.

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A Wide Range of Cleaning Services

Whether your home needs a light dusting, a regular weekly wipe down or an intense and thorough clean before you sell your house, there is a professional cleaning service that can deliver exactly what you need. Every cleaning service offers a standard product that involves a general clean of your entire home. This includes making beds with fresh linens and putting clothes away, scrubbing down toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers in bathrooms, washing dishes and wiping down sinks, bench tops and appliances in kitchens, and cleaning floors, furniture and all other general surfaces in the rest of the house.
Service providers usually also have additional cleaning tasks that can come at an extra cost, such as cleaning the inside of kitchen appliances, or washing and drying laundry. What is considered “additional” will vary between providers, but most of them will try to accommodate any specific cleaning requirements in your home. There are some exclusions that apply to many cleaning services, such as deep stain removals and dealing with bio hazardous materials.

Online Accessibility

Most of the cleaning services that you’ll find on Help Pilot are characterized by their online accessibility. Bookings can be done completely online, with many providers claiming it can take as little as 60 seconds to register, receive a quote, and book your appointment for as early as the following day! Whether or not you decide to fly through the registration process at such a pace, there’s no denying that booking professional cleaning services has never been so quick and easy.

Pricing and Costs

Each company calculates the cost of their cleaning services in different ways. Some have flat rates based on the number of rooms they are cleaning, while others operate on hourly rates, usually with a minimum of two hours. You can expect to pay between $25-35 per hour for standard cleaning services, with additional charges for any extra services that are not covered in general cleaning. Some services also charge an additional fee for using their own cleaning supplies, which can be avoided if you’re able to supply your own.

Legal and Insurance

All professional cleaning services hire or contract with certified cleaners that are thoroughly trained in the businesses own standards, and often run background checks to ensure the safety and security of your home. All reputable services should have general insurance to cover any accidents, damage of theft that might occur during your cleaning. Such occurrences are rare, but nevertheless exist for your peace of mind.

Location, Location, Location!

Help Pilot aims to provide you with the most comprehensive comparison of professional cleaning services possible, which means that the services we review are all based in different locations. While there are some cleaning agencies that only provide their services strictly within certain geographical areas, many companies have expanded to include most major cities across America, and in some cases even tapping into foreign markets. Together the companies reviewed on Help Pilot service hundreds of different locations, so there is sure to be a professional cleaning service available in your area.

Here to Help!

Help Pilot is here to help you research and review the best professional cleaning services, so check out our reviews and take the first steps towards a beautiful, cleaner home.

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